Persona 5: Yusuke Kitagawa & Makoto Niijima Character Introduction Trailers + VA Interviews

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Persona 5 will be delayed untill 4th April 2017 but will now feature dual-audio options. Today we have me character introduction trailers featuring the talents of the English speaking voice actors and more interview with them.

The elegant Yusuke Kitagawa

He can most aptly be described as an artistic savant, and his love for aesthetics and talent for art is second to none. Unlike the rest of the Phantom Thieves, this Bohemian beatnik attends Kosei High School and joins the motley crew after a very fateful event involving his art mentor/idol Madarame. Although Yusuke can be eccentric, codename Fox harnesses his love of true beauty to help the Phantom Thieves. I mean, it wouldn’t be a group of social misfits without at least one starving artist right?

Shujin Academy’s resident overachiever Makoto Niijima

So how did a straight-laced honor student and the student council president get involved with the mischievous Phantom Thieves? Let’s just say that it’s her duty to figure out the identities and motives of the group (she is student council president after all). Even though codename Queen appears to be the antithesis of a rebelling high schooler, she has a strong sense of morality and will do what she can for a righteous cause. Besides, it’s a probably a VERY good thing for the group to have an intelligent strategist formulate their heists. Just imagine if Ryuji had to plan them…

Only two days ago, and before the delay and dual-audio confirmation, a new trailer was released showcasing Persona 5‘s game mechanics which should serve to get fans excited.

Lastly, because we have missed it we have a character introduction trailer for Morgana the teams mascot that definitely has a lot more to them than being just a cat.

Every good team needs a mascot, and that job has been bestowed upon the anthropomorphic cat-like… thing known as Morgana. You’re probably thinking, “what are you talking about? That “thing” is obviously an adorable cat,” but we’ll have you know that Morgana (who absolutely hates being called a cat, by the way) is much more than that. This mysterious creature from another world is a professional thief and serves as a mentor figure to the disaffected youths in the Phantom Thieves. Most importantly, Morgana is the irreplaceable heart and soul of the team. Also, what other team in history has a mascot that can also TURN INTO A BUS?