Oyatsu Cafe UK Web Store Now Open and We Try Out Some Japanese Sweets

To celebrate the launch of the Oyatsu Cafe UK Web Store the fantastic people at Oyatsu Cafe have sent us a box of goodies to sample!

With a new branch in the UK, all orders will be shipped from their Derbyshire warehouse meaning cheaper and faster delivery for the UK and Europe on all your Japanese sweet needs. Oyatsu Cafe have also been really kind as to set up a 10% off code for loyal readers and watchers of Japan Curiosity. Just enter the code JAPANCURIOSITY at the checkout and you’ll get 10% off your order! You can find Oyatsu Cafe at https://oyatsucafe.co.uk/

In the video, we unbox a variety of items taking great pleasure in discovering things with have never seen before and getting rather excited over the prospect of trying them. Having now tried each item and we have to say we had great fun in doing so we’ll be listing each product we tried and give our thoughts on them below:

Butamen Ramen – Curry

Smaller than the usual instant cup noodles you’ll find but as it’s intended as a quick snack it is just the right amount to hit the spot. This curry version of Butamen Ramen is mild but very tasty and puts brands like Pot Noodle to shame with its quality.

Neru Nerune – Grape

A DIY candy that I personally haven’t seen before and if you watched the video you can see how excited and intrigued I was to try it. If you buy anything from this list then Neru Nerune is a must, I have never had so much fun with a snack before. Mixing the ingredients together and watching the colours changes as I did so really made me feel like a little kid again and the flavour is incredible!

Black Thunder Chocolate 

With a name like Black Thunder, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from this little chocolate bar but it’s definitely tasty kind of like Oreo cookie and crispy cereal coated in chocolate.

Pocky Midi – Chocolate

Pocky is probably most people’s first experience with Japanese sweets and I’ve tried a fair few varieties but I have to say this might be the best one yet! The sticks are smaller but the chocolate on them is so much thicker and really smooth to eat.

Takoyaki Tei

I’ve only ever had Takoyaki once in my life but these crisps are a really good replacement as they taste exactly like what I experienced. If you’re a fan of savoury snacks and get bored with the usual flavours then definitely give these a try, you won’t regret it!

Watagashi Ramune

I love the Ramune drinks and had no idea that Ramune Cotton Candy existed but now my life is complete!

Hi-Chew Mini*

It might be small in size but it certainly packs a punch and huge amounts of flavour. You can have some fun with these too as each flavour can be mixed with the standard soda flavour to create different combinations.

*Link goes to the international store as I couldn’t find this particular item on the UK site.