Out This Week – 27th June 2016

Last week the United Kingdom voted on one of the biggest referendums in recent history and regardless of which side you choose to support life goes on and that means new anime, manga and games!

Unlike the past couples of weeks post MCM Comic Con London we have a selection of anime out this week. Up first from All the Anime we have Aldnoah.Zero Season 1 Collection, Kill La Kill Part 3 Standard Edition and Sword Art Online II – Part 4. Manga/Animatsu Entertainment bring us Attack on Titan Complete Season 1 Collection, Attack on Titan the Movie Part 1 (Live-Action) and Parasyte The Maxim Collection 1. Last but not least is Michiko & Hatchin Complete Collection from MVM Entertainment. As usual we’ll have reviews up for most of these titles over the next couple of days.

Certainly a much large selection of manga coming this week with the likes of Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Overlord and Space Dandy it’s looking like a good week.

There’s a couple of very exciting games coming out this week including Zero Time Dilemma, the third and final entry in the Zero Escape series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of HeavenStar Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness and Phantom Brave PC.

Anime Releases
Aldnoah.Zero Season 1 Collection [Blu-ray Collector’s Edition / Standard DVD] (All the Anime)
Attack on Titan Complete Season 1 Collection [Blu-ray / DVD] (Manga Entertainment)
Attack on Titan the Movie Part 1 [Blu-ray / DVD] (Animatsu Entertainment)
Kill La Kill Part 3 Standard Edition [Blu-ray / DVD] (All the Anime)
Michiko & Hatchin Complete Collection [DVD] (MVM Entertainment)
Parasyte The Maxim Collection 1 [Deluxe Edition Blu-ray / Standard Blu-ray / Standard DVD] (Animatsu Entertainment)
Sword Art Online II – Part 4 [Collector’s Edition Combi / DVD] (All the Anime)

Manga Releases
Akame Ga Kill! Zero [Vol. 2] (Yen Press)
Alice In Murderland [Vol. 4] (Yen Press)
Ani-Imo [Vol. 7] (Yen Press)
Barakamon [Vol. 11] (Yen Press)
Black Bullet (Manga) [Vol. 4] (Yen Press)
Bloody Cross [Vol. 11] (Yen Press)
Certain Magical Index, A (Novel) [Vol. 7] (Yen Press)
Devil Is a Part-Timer! High School!, The [Vol. 4] (Yen Press)
Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition [Vol. 1] (Yen Press)
Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition [Vol. 2] (Yen Press)
Handa-Kun [Vol. 3] (Yen Press)
He’s My Only Vampire [Vol. 7] (Yen Press)
Honor Student at Magic High School, The [Vol. 3] (Yen Press)
Of the Red, The Light and the Ayakashi [Vol. 3] (Yen Press)
Overlord (Manga) [Vol. 1] (Yen Press)
Rose Guns Days Season 1 [Vol. 4] (Yen Press)
Servant X Service [Vol. 2] (Yen Press)
Space Dandy [Vol. 1] (Yen Press)
Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosary (Manga) [Vol. 2] (Yen Press)
Dorohedoro [Vol. 18] (Viz Media)
Itsuwaribito [Vol. 17] (Viz Media)
Library Wars: Love & War [Vol. 15] (Viz Media)
Mysterious Girlfriend X [Vol. 1 (Vertical Inc)
Oh My Goddess! Omnibus 3 (Dark Horse Manga)
Fate / Zero 2 (Dark Horse Manga)
Inuyashiki 4 (Kodansha Comics)
Livingstone 3 (Kodansha Comics)
Maga-tsuki 3 (Kodansha Comics)
Princess Jellyfish 2 (Kodansha Comics)
Your Lie In April 8 (Kodansha Comics)

Game Releases
Zero Time Dilemma [Nintendo 3DS / PlayStation Vita / Steam] (Spike Chunsoft)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven [PlayStation 4] (Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe)
Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness [PlayStation 4] (Square Enix)
Phantom Brave PC [Steam] (NIS America)

For full details on what anime and manga is coming out this month check out our anime and manga schedules. New schedules are published at the beginning of each month and are updated as much as possible throughout the month.