Out This Week – 12th December 2016

We’re two weeks to the day away from Christmas Day now and all the anime, manga and game goodness that it brings. For now, though we hope that you have been taking advantage of the deals that All the Anime have been running in their 12 Days of Christmas. While that might come to a close tomorrow don’t fear as MVM Entertainment’s own 12 Days of Christmas deals enters its fourth day so there is still plenty of time to grab a bargain. What with all the deals taking place it might be easy to forget that new releases are still coming out each week so let’s take a look at what is coming our way this week.

We begin the week with MVM Entertainment who bring back a modern classic in Ergo Proxy Complete Collection to Blu-ray for the first in the UK. Finally, Manga Entertainment continues giving us a dose of that nostalgia feeling with Transformers The Movie 30th Anniversary Steelbook Limited Edition on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, we don’t have copies of Ergo Proxy Complete Collection available to use to review but a review of Transformers The Movie should be live very soon.

A modest selection of manga this week and a big improvement over last weeks meagre offerings. Next week is still looking set to be one of the biggest weeks for manga releases we’ve probably ever seen. Vertical Inc brings us Blame! volume 2 in their usual expertly crafted form and of course there are plenty of other fan favourites to be had.

No new game release this week but what with Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun & Moon what more do you really need right.

Anime Releases
Ergo Proxy Complete Collection [Blu-ray] (MVM Entertainment)
Transformers The Movie – 30th Anniversary Steelbook Limited Edition [Blu-ray] (Manga Entertainment)

Manga Releases
Centaur’s Life, A [Vol. 10] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Devils and Realist [Vol. 11] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Haganai: I Don’t have Many Friends [Vol. 14] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Holy Corpse Rising [Vol. 1] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Hour of the Zombie [Vol. 3] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
I Don’t Like You At All Big Brother!! [Vol. 9-10] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Magia the Ninth [Vol. 1] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Merman in My Tub [Vol. 5] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
My Girlfriend is a T-Rex [Vol. 1] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Please Tell Me! Galko-chan [Vol. 1] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Re:Monster [Vol. 1] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner [Vol. 3] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Testament of Sister New Devil, The [Vol. 4] (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Tokyo Undead (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall [Vol. 9] (Kodansha Comics)
BLAME! [Vol. 2] (Vertical Inc)
Cells at Work! [Vol. 2] (Kodansha Comics)
Danganronpa: The Animation [Vol. 3] (Dark Horse Manga)
Complex Age [Vol. 3] (Kodansha Comics)
Spoof on Titan [Vol. 2] (Kodansha Comics)
Vinland Saga [Vol. 8] (Kodansha Comics)

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