Out This Week – 05th December 2016

December is here and with it a period of very cold weather for much of the UK. That won’t stop many of us grabbing those all important deals in the run up to Christmas. There’s also a selection of brand new physical media hitting retailers today that should excite many.

We begin the week with a returning title, Fairy Tail, which comes back to the UK in Fairy Tail Part 10 from Funimation, we will have a review live very soon. All the Anime treat us to another two Collector’s Editions this week with Fullmetal Alchemist Part 2 and 2006 title Ouran High School Host Club Collection. You can read our review of Fullmetal Alchemist Part 2 Collector’s Edition here, unfortunately, we don’t have a review for Ouran High School Host Club due to lack of check discs or retail copy but hopefully, we’ll be able to provide a review soon.

Talking of Collector’s Edition we should probably mention that Universal Pictures UK are also releasing Seraph Of The End: Series 1 Part 2 today and it looks amazing. You can read our review here and we also have a retail copy that we will be unboxing for our YouTube channel very soon. If you like what you see then why not enter our competition to win your very own copy of Seraph Of The End: Series 1 Part 2 right here!

A small selection of manga this week (we don’t think there’s a mistake) this is probably due to the 20th heralding the second coming with an enormous amount of volumes being released on that day. For now though enjoy some Attack on TitanDevils’ Line, Fairy Tail, Maga-tsuki and Persona 4.

No new games for us this week but I’m sure everyone, much like ourselves, is fully invested in Final Fantasy XV and will be trying to tear themselves away from consoles to head into work this week.

Anime Releases
Fairy Tail Part 10 [DVD] (Funimation)
Fullmetal Alchemist Part 2 – Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray] (All the Anime)
Ouran High School Host Club Collection – Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray] (All the Anime)
Seraph Of The End: Series 1 Part 2 [Blu-ray / DVD] (Universal Pictures UK)

Manga Releases
Attack on Titan [with DVD][Vol. 20] (Kodansha Comics)
Attack on Titan [Vol. 20] (Kodansha Comics)
Devils’ Line [Vol. 4] (Vertical Inc)
Fairy Tail: Twin Dragons of Saber Tooth (Kodansha Comics)
Maga-tsuki [Vol. 6] (Kodansha Comics)
Persona 4 [Vol. 4] (Udon Entertainment)
Persona 4 [Vol. 5] (Udon Entertainment)

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