Nintendo Switch Presentation and What We Know About the Switch

If like us you’ve been eagerly awaiting the Nintendo Switch Presentation since the announcement of the console/handheld hybrid system then prepare to be amazed or more than likely a little bummed out. Now I don’t what to appear too negative I’m still really excited for this device and the potential it has. The presentation on the over hand was awful the focus was mostly dedicated to motion control (insert buzzword and tech jargon) and less on the actual games and confirmed release dates. The worry I have coming out of this presentation is how many potential customers have now been put-off the device.

The presentation wasn’t all bad, however, as we finally know the retail price of the system and it’s official release date. The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch on 3rd March 2017 worldwide and at a retail price of £279.99 in the UK. The Switch appears to boast a great selection of titles that are currently in development which is very encouraging. The biggest issue coming out of the presentation though is the lack of launch titles with only Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1,2, Switch and ARMS (maybe) confirmed for launch and only handful of titles confirmed for later this year. It’s important to note that the Nintendo Switch will not be region locked.

The Switch console itself will come in two different version one with the familiar grey Joy-Con colour scheme and one with both a neon blue and neon red Joy-Con. Each version will include the main console, Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) controllers, a Joy-Con grip (to which two Joy-Con are attached and used as one controller), a set of Joy-Con wrist straps, a Nintendo Switch dock (which holds the main console and connects it to a TV), an HDMI cable and an AC adapter. The main console boasts a 6.2-inch screen with capacitive multi-touch capabilities. The battery life is between 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the software and usage conditions.

The Switch’s online ecosystem was largely glossed over in the presentation with apparently more information to follow but so far here’s what you know. Players will be able to enjoy online multiplayer gaming, players can also connect with friends and use voice chat in compatible online games from your smart device. So here’s where things get a little messy. It’s unclear whether the Switch itself is capable or has any native interface to allow players to connect with friends etc… A dedicated smartphone app will be available in summer 2017. Hopefully, we’ll get some clearer details this as the launch gets closer but that seems like a massive oversight on the part of Nintendo not to include that as part of the online ecosystem on the console itself.

What is clear however is that the online features will be part of a paid service much like that of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. The paid service launches in fall 2017 and until then players will be given a free trial period. After the trial period is over most games will require the paid subscription service to play online. Subscribers will get to download play a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month. There will also be special offers in the form of discounts on select digital games and content.

So that was what we currently know about the Nintendo Switch we’ll be putting together a list of the currently in development and confirmed games for the Switch as well as trailers for specific titles. Let us know what you thought of the presentation, was it everything you hoped it would be or have you been left feeling a little disappointed?