MVM’s Comic Con London Announcements

MVM Entertainment’s announcements came mostly in the form of tweets via their twitter page, having what appears to be the largest amount of licenses over this weekend MVM would have needed a whole day to itself to get though the sheer amount of them.

Love Live!
15986smallThe first of MVM’s releases to be announced over the weekend, although news of its coming release was known beforehand it’s the details that are important. It was announced that Love Live would be released as a Collector’s Edition DVD as subtitle only with a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray to come with an English dub at a later date. Not content to finish their MVM have also announced plans to release Love Live Season 2 in 2016.

Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, SRP: TBC
Collector’s Edition DVD, SRP: £39.99
Release date: 27th July 2015

AmsiasmallNot much of a surprise for those that have visited the MVM website recently as they is currently a prize for a competition they are running. Amnesia Complete Series Collection with be available on Blu-ray and DVD from July 6th.

Complete Collection Blu-ray, SRP: £34.99
Complete Collection DVD, SRP: £29.99
Release date: 6th July 2015

Captain Earth
CaptainEarthsmallCaptain Earth is coming as a two part release for both Blu-ray and DVD with part one due on July 13th and part two on September 14th, the release will be subtitle only for both formats.

Blu-ray, SRP: £29.99
DVD, SRP: £24.99
Release date: 13th July 2015 (Part 1), 14th September 2015 (Part 2)

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
Muv_Luv_Alternative_Total_EclipsesmallMuv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is set to be released in two parts, on both Blu-ray and DVD, with the first part due on August 24th and the second on October 19th, no prices have been announced as of yet.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works TV
unlimitedbladeworksbannersmallSet to be released by the end of the year but with the details over the format up in the air, the tweet in question states it will most likely be on both DVD and Blu-ray. Given the amazing work of Ufotable studio to not have this on Blu-ray would be a great dishonour and plus the fact it’s a great series. Hopefully this license would extend to the second half of the series that is currently being air in Japan and simulcast on Crunchyroll.

Below is a list of titles that have been mentioned on the MVM twitter page as having been licensed but with no current release date or format planned:

Busou Shinki
Flowers of Evil
Hidamari Sketch S1
Kamisama Kiss Season 2
Kampfer and Kampfer Fur Die Liebe
Kill Me Baby
Love, Election & Chocolate
Outbreak Company
Rosen Maiden-Zuruckspulen
Samurai Harem
So I Can’t Play H