Multimedia Project ‘Nowisee’ Asks The Meaning of Life

Nowisee, pronounced noise, is a new cross-content project revolving around themes such as “the meaning of life” and is targeted at young people. The first in a series of 24 planned animated videos has been aired on Youtube called “Vibration”, the second video “Hard Boiled” is set for release on September 8th, with each new video released on the 8th of each month.

The project itself is shrouded in mystery, with currently no information available of the artists involved with this project. The website also states that a novel and manga will be coming soon. “8” appears to be a recurring theme in this project, with the nowisee logo resembling a figure of 8, and the launch of the website being August 8th at 8:08:08 (GMT).

Source: nowisee.jpkai-you.netAnime News Network