Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, English Ver.

So footage has been released of Metal Gear Solid V “Ground Zeroes”. This video is 9 minutes long and is in English, which means we finally get to hear Kiefer Sutherland’s voice acting.

The link to the video was posted via Hideo Kojima’s English twitter account and can be seen along with other trailers on the Metal Gear Solid V website. With this new video talk of how David Hayter is not apart of MGSV has erupted again over the internet. The basic argument being that fans of the series have trouble letting go of Hayter as the voice of Snake, but this has also brought up some theories on whether David Hayter may still be involved in the game not as Naked Snake but as a young Solid Snake. Take these theories with a grain of salt being that Solid Snake at the time of Phantom Pain would only be 12 years old so even if Hayter did voice him it would not be the voice that we know and love.

Please comment below on your thoughts of Sutherland’s voice for Snake or any theories you might have on how David Hayter may still be involved in the game.