MCM Manchester 2015: Manga UK / Animatsu / Kazé

During the Manga Entertainment and Animatsu Panel at MCM today, Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson announced new releases planned for Manga Entertainment, Animatsu, and Kazé, with a focus on films that is sure to please fans. There was news of Dragon Ball Z Resurrection of F, and Naruto movie plans, both of which are welcome additions to these established franchises. In addition to this, we got some major live action movie news, and details of some anime series releases.


Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F, the latest film in the Dragon Ball Z series, and follow-up to the Battle of Gods film previously released by Manga, will be receiving a theatrical release across a substantial number of screens throughout the UK, in September, a mere 4 week safter the US release. Listings of screenings will be available soon. Pre-ordering a cinema ticket will allow you to get ahold of one of two Limited Edition Figures not available elsewhere. The home media release is planned for later this year.

Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson announced three new licenses for Kazé in the UK; Coppelion, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, and the second season of Magi, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Unfortunately, in stark contrast to the Manga and Animatsu announcements, only one of these titles is receiving a Blu-ray release.


Coppelion is a science fiction, action anime from Studio GoHands, based on the manga of the same name written by Tomonori Inoure. Kazé have previously released other anime from Studio GoHands; the K series, and the Mardock Scramble movies; the studio are more likely to be known for both the Seitokai Yakuindomo anime series, and the Mardock Scramble films. Coppelion will be released on DVD only November 2nd this year.


World Conquest Zvezda Plot is a fantasy, sci-fi, comedy anime from A-1 Pictures that originally aired in the first quarter of 2014, although it may have flown under the radar for most, being available only on Animax for streaming in the UK. This title will also be receiving a DVD-only release; although disappointing, that the Aniplex release in the US was also DVD-only is some small comfort. This title will also be avaialble November 2nd.


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is the follow-up to the first season, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, a title that was released by Kazé last year on both Blu-ray and DVD. Like the season one release, this season will be seeing a release on both Blu-ray and DVD; this makes Magi S2 the only Kazé announcement to have a Blu-ray release. The title will be split over two parts, but both are to be released by the year’s end. Part one is expected to be available in November.


Danganronpa is a fan favourite franchise that has seen two video game releases on Vita in as many years,with a third due in a few short months. Today, Manga Entertainment announced that they have licensed the 2013 anime adaptation for DVD and Blu-ray. It remains to be seen whether the release will include the extended final episode as featured in the Japanese home media releases, but both DVD and Blu-ray will launch on November 9th this year.

Bakumatsu Rock: Samurai Jam, an adaptation of a PSP game that aired in 2014, has been announced for a release by Animatsu on 19th October on DVD and Blu-ray.


In an announcement that is sure to have relieved many a UK Naruto fan, both Naruto Road to Ninja and The Last: Naruto The Movie have been acquired by Manga Entertainment. Both movies are planned to receive individual home media releases on DVD and Blu-ray this year.  Naruto Road To Ninja is to receive a release on October 12th. In addition, Naruto Blood Prison will finally be receiving a standalone blu-ray release on December 21st. After last year’s “fiasco” with the Blood Prison Blu-ray during a transitory period for Manga, this move is set to win back the faith of blu-ray fans that turned sour.


Manga’s acquisition of Noragami due out on both DVD and blu-ray was confirmed, although the release date has not yet been finalised.

Beyond the Boundary is an anime from Kyoto Animation, and is an excellent fit for Animatsu, who earlier this year announced that they had licensed another KyoAni anime series; Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions.  One can only hope Animatsu license more of the “moe” series KyoAni are known for in the future. Beyond the Boundary will be seeing both a DVD and Blu-ray release later this year. It was also hinted at that the films have been acquired for the UK. Animatsu see themselves releasing further shows from TBS in the future.


Garm Wars: The Last Druid, a live-action/animated film from Mamoru Oshii was announced for a fourth quarter release from Animatsu. alongside a reminder that the first live-action Parasyte movie has been acquired. Parasyte is expected to be available on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. With Manga having released the Attack on Titan anime last year, it was today announced that Animatsu would be handling UK distribution for the first live-action film adaptation. A theatrical run is planned in October, with the home media release due early next year.

During the Q&A session after the announcements, Jerome confirmed that neither Animatsu or Manga have Assassination Classroom, but someone does have it. He isn’t looking at Kuroko’s Basketball, but Haikyuu is of interest. There is, as of yet, no news on the latest Black Butler season. It’s unsure if Aniplex will work with them in the future, but hope so, with the decision resting with Aniplex

Jerome and Andrew have certainly impressed with most of these announcements, and I only hope that MCM London in October manages to somehow blow us away even more.