Manga/Animatsu @ MCM Comic Con London October 2016 – Day 2 Roundup

Manga UK opted to host their announcements panel on their own stage this weekend; while the anime karaoke is good fun to watch, it’s the announcements that really make the weekend for me. Both Andrew and Jerome took to the stage, with a table this time, in order to reveal some upcoming Manga UK licenses, and some re-releases.

First up was some excellent news regarding Boruto the Movie. It was released to cinemas back in late 2015, but the DVD and blu-ray release has finally been scheduled, for April 3rd 2017.


We all know that Manga are putting the original Ghost in the Shell movie on the big screen in January, but they’re also using both this and the upcoming live action remake to reissue the original movie to home video in March 2017 with “all-new, collectable, custom drawn artwork”, On top of this, the three Stand Alone Complex OVAs, The Laughing Man, Individual Eleven, and Solid State Society are being re-released on blu-ray and DVD, again in March 2017.


It looks like Berserk fans are in for a treat in Q1 2017 – MVM already have their original Berserk series blu-ray scheduled for January, and now Kaze, through Manga UK, have a Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Movie Collection DVD and blu-ray scheduled for early 2017.


The next piece of news was just a recap of the Thursday announcement regarding Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. It’s hitting cinemas February 1st for a limited release, though some cinemas may be showing it on more than one day. I’ve already booked my ticket for the February 1st and February 4th screenings at my local cinema. There’s no home video information yet, but that information should be made available early next year.


My favourite Manga UK announcement of the day was next — Animatsu have announced that they’ll be releasing both series of the adorable Kiniro Mosaic next year. The first season is due in early 2017, with the second to follow in Spring.


Next up was an announcement for Beyond the Boundary the Movie: I’ll Be Here. Animatsu will be releasing both Beyond the Boundary movies on DVD and in a Collector’s Edition blu-ray. Personally, I’m hoping the blu-ray release is similar to the Madoka Magica movie blu-ray Collector’s Edition.


Flying Witch, from JC Staff, is also coming to the UK next year at some point under the Animatsu label.


Jerome and Andrew concluded the panel by announcing some sequel seasons for titles already released by Animatsu previously. Gatchaman Crowds Insight is coming to DVD and blu-ray in 2017. And the UK finally gets A Certain Magical Index II and A Certain Scientific Railgun S; no mention of the movie, however.


When asked about Digimon seasons 3 onwards during the Q&A session at the end, Jerome explained that they’d asked Toei about them and that they do have an appetite for the titles; they’re aiming to release the whole catalogue.