Light Novel Releases [November 2017]

Welcome to the inaugural Light Novel release schedule. We decided to separate Light Novels from the main Manga schedule due to the increased number of series being released each month. While still small in comparison we felt it worth doing as the popularity of Light Novels has really come into its own in recent years.

DateTitleVolume FormatPublisher
1/11Demon King Daimaou3DigitalJ-Novel Club
1/11Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash3PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
2/11Juni Taisen: Zodiac WarHardcoverViz Media
2/11Paying to Win in a VRMMO5DigitalJ-Novel Club
4/11Clockwork Planet2DigitalJ-Novel Club
4/11Invaders of the Rokujouma!?7.5DigitalJ-Novel Club
12/11Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash6DigitalJ-Novel Club
14/11Certain Magical Index, A13Digital / PaperbackYen Press
14/11Durarara!!8Digital / PaperbackYen Press
14/11Magical Girl Raising Project2Digital / PaperbackYen Press
17/11Outbreak Company1DigitalJ-Novel Club
21/11Legend of the Galactic Heroes5DigitalHaikasoru
21/11Re: Zero Ex 1Digital / PaperbackYen Press
21/11So I'm a Spider, So What?1Digital / PaperbackYen Press
21/11your name. Another Side:EarthboundDigital / HardcoverYen Press
25/11I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse6DigitalJ-Novel Club
28/11Accel World5DigitalYen Press
28/11Accel World6DigitalYen Press
28/11Accel World7DigitalYen Press
28/11Accel World8DigitalYen Press
28/11Irregular at Magic High School, The3DigitalYen Press
28/11Irregular at Magic High School, The4DigitalYen Press
28/11Isolator, The1DigitalYen Press
28/11Isolator, The2DigitalYen Press
28/11Isolator, The3Digital / Hardcover (29th)Yen Press
28/11Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf1Digital / PaperbackYen Press
30/11Nekomonogatari (Black)PaperbackVertical

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