Koei Tecmo Unveil Nights of Azure Pre-order Bonus Content & Limited Edition

Koei Tecmo have unveiled new information regarding pre-order bonus content and limited edition box for the upcoming Gust RPG Nights of Azure. Pre-order bonuses when bought through GAME or PlayStation®Network Store are an additional supporting character Gust-Chan plus original custom theme based on Gust-Chan. Pre-orders via independent retailers (through CentreSoft) or Amazon, will receive two custom themes based the artwork of Nights of Azure.

Lastly Koei Tecmo have stated that the Nights of Azure Limited Edition box will be available in Europe via the NIS America EU online Store. Further details of what is included in the Limited Edition box can be found below in the press release. Pre-orders for the limited edition will be available on the NIS America EU online Store on 28th January 2016.



Limited Edition to become available in Europe

Nights of Azure, GUST studios’ brand new RPG, comes on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system on 1st April 2016 full of stories about a land plagued by azure-blooded demons and the beautiful protector of humanity, Arnice.

When she is not roaming the streets of Ruswal fighting dark shadowy shapes, monsters, and demonic dragons, Arnice takes solace in a local hotel to rest, trade, and prepare for the inevitable coming of the next night.
At the Hotel, she can buy and sell weapons and a variety of gear to aid her in battle and, after certain quests have been completed, she can trade with Lloyd, the merchant, and order rare and powerful items! She can also pick up quests from the hotel proprietor, Simon, to earn money or various items. These quests can also provide and interesting insight into the background story of the world, which Arnice herself is oblivious to.
Additionally, the Hotel is the entrance point to an exciting Arena feature. In the progress of the story, Arnice gains entry to an arena which can be used to hone her skills and earn special rewards!

In addition to a wealth of static assets and gameplay videos showcasing the enemy combatants, Hotel activities, and Arena battles, Koei Tecmo revealed today the pre-order bonus downloadable content available for those who purchase the game early.
Specifically, pre-orders through GAME and early purchasers via the PlayStation®Network Store will receive an additional supporting character Gust-Chan and an original custom theme based on Gust-Chan. Unlike other supporting characters in this game, players can use Gust-Chan in battle!
Alternatively, pre-orders via independent retailers (through CentreSoft) or Amazon, will receive two custom themes based on the beautiful artwork of Nights of Azure.

Lastly, Koei Tecmo is happy to announce that the Nights of Azure Limited Edition box will be available in Europe through the NIS America EU online Store. The box will include the following contents:
~ LE Tuck-flap Box
~ Cloth Poster (57” x 20”)
~ Hardcover Artbook
~ Soundtrack
~ Mini Art Prints (5 sets – 5” x 7”)

Pre-orders for the limited edition will start here on 28th January 2016.