Interview: “Lost Soul Aside” Creator Yang Bing

As soon as the game was revealed on the internet, Lost Soul Aside has become a hit sensation that set a new level for indie games. Inspired by various action role-playing games, this hyped series with almost matchless quality was surprisingly made by just a single man. Japan Curiosity interviews Yang Bing, the creator behind this solo project.

teAgaSKQ: Hello, Mr. Bing. You have been working on Lost Soul Aside for the past two years. How much time to you put each day or week in creating the game?
A: Hello, I can’t say the exact time, sometimes I work more than 14 hours a day, sometimes less than 6 hours.

Q: Did you have any other video game projects before Lost Soul Aside? What is your experience in video game designing?
A: I came into the game industry when I was 21 years old. I worked in a small game company. I don’t know if there’s any experience to share, I just wanted to make what I liked at that time. Actually, when I was working in the previous company, I didn’t like the game I was working on.

Q: Can you tell us the game mechanics as well as the story for Lost Soul Aside?
A: It’s an ARPG, the story is about the journey a man and a monster looking for crystals.

gp1Q: Lost Soul Aside is run by Unreal Engine 4. Do you plan on continuing using the engine or switch to a different one as you further develop your game?
A: I’m preparing to build a team but I will still choose UE4.

Q: Your game was inspired by other video game franchises as well as developed using non-original assets. How much of that do you plan on changing in your final product?
A: I may change the character design, but I will continue to use assets from UE4 marketplace.

Q: If you were not developing your latest project, what would you be doing instead?
A: I think I would be working in a game company.

gp3Q: If you can choose a video game company to work with, which would it be?
A: In Japan, I like Square Enix and Platinum.

Q: Do you plan on hiring staff or accepting volunteers to further develop your game?
A: Yes, I’m preparing on it.

Q: Do you have anything to say for fans of your game?
A: I can only say “Thank you.”