Interview: Gumi Inc. Executive Producer Jun Imaizumi

gumi_logoGumi Inc. is one of the top mobile game developers in Japan, producing popular titles such as Brave Frontier and Phantom of the Kill. The company has expanded worldwide and aims to change the world through innovative entertainment products and services. Japan Curiosity had the opportunity to interview Jun Imaizumi, the executive producer of gumi Inc.

ij_photo_02-copyQ: Do you have any new games that are being planned for release in the near future?
A: We haven’t announced details yet, but we do have a brand new global title to be released. Please look forward to more details very soon about the game.

Q: With your smartphone games being such a huge hit, do you plan on also creating PC and console games?
A: We have no plans yet, but because our VR product is under R&D currently, we will be engaging in PC and console game developments in the future.

vrgame_shout_zero_1Q: Out of all your company’s games, which is your most favorite game?
A: My favorite games are the ones that have been created by me – I treat them like my children.

Q: Do you have plans on having more of your games getting anime or live-action adaptations?
A: Yes, if possible, we would like to create an anime or movie!

Q: If you can choose any series to make a collaboration with, which series would it be and with what game?
A: We would like to collaborate with titles that have a high affinity. In the past, not only have we borrowed the characters, but we also added an original story with full voice acting to further widen the characteristics of the game’s world. We hope to develop a collaboration event where both Phantom of the Kill fans and target collaboration fans could enjoy the game.

Q: Did you create games with the western players in mind, or did you feel there was no need to?
A: From the planning phase, we had a global release to the West and Asia regions in mind. However, our “prerequisite” for expanding globally is to succeed in Japan first and therefore, we spent all our energy on releasing the game aimed at Japanese consumers initially.

phantom-of-the-kill-3To view what games are available from gumi Inc., check either the App Store or Google Play as well as the official website.