FunimationNow Reveals UK Subscription Pricing!

Ever since the original announcement that Funimation will open a streaming service in the UK, pricing has been at the forefront of fans’ minds and finally, we have an answer. Interestingly, there are two separate subscriptions available, the SubPass at £3.99 will gain you access to subtitled content and the All-AccessPass at £6.99 will gain you access to sub and dubbed content of your choice. Both come with ad-free HD streaming of your favourite shows and movies.

I feel this is a brilliant move by Funimation as they venture into providing English dubs within a week of Japanese broadcast without forcing the extra cost on those that don’t want it. So if you’re only looking to pick up subtitled content like myself then £3.99 is a fantastic price and if you want the dubbed content, then at £6.99 it hardly breaks the bank and stays competitive.

FunimationNow subscriptions give fans access to all the anime they crave. Here are just a few of the things you’ll get when you sign up for a SubPass at £3.99 a month or an All-AccessPass for £6.99 a month:

  • Stream your favorite anime shows, movies, and extras
  • Access to subbed content with a SubPass or your choice of subbed and dubbed content with an All-AccessPass
  • Watch ad-free in full HD
  • Be the first to stream exclusive English Dubs within weeks of their Japanese broadcast with an All-AccessPass
  • Available on your favorite devices including Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet from launch

Check out the Funimation UK Hype Reel: