First Look: Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars


Director: Susumu Tosaka
Series Composer: Keigo Koyanagi
Animation Production: Actas
Simulcast: AnimeLabFunimation

In the modern times, it has almost been the standard for mechs to be rendered in CG. Complex designs made easier to move and produce, thus keeping up with fast demand of the industry. But if Mob Psycho 100 showed a CG-less work with massive visual range and vocabulary then at the very least 2D mechs can make a comeback. Come and welcome Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars, an original brought to us by a reunion of the Kotetsushin Jeeg staff.mpv-shot000912 years after the mysterious mass disappearance of Rimguard, Yui and her “older sister” Rena are living content in the Enastria Empire. However an encounter with an old acquaintance forces Rena to recall her identity as a Regalia.  Can she confront her demons from the past and protect her peaceful life with Yui?

There is a certain well done polish about the series; a good composition of colors, clear framing and excellent action directing which coupled with a rather decent concept and writing, makes for an entertaining watch. If there is something that needs work (at least for me) is the manner of action scene sound effects. The very loud bass breaking booms and clangs is unattractive and distracting especially so when well directed and animated action scenes are on screen. It is in no way game breaking to stop watching but it’s something to note when talking about this.


Episodes 1 to 3 can be viewed at AnimeLab (AU/NZ), FUNimation (US). Do give it a look see and enjoy this excellent series.