First Look – My Wife is the Student Council President (Crunchyroll)

Okusama Art

My Wife is the Student Council President
Directed By:
Hiroyuki Furukawa
Written By: Yumi Nakata
Produced By : Studio Seven
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My Wife is the Student Council President is a short form anime adaptation of Yumi Nakata’s ongoing manga of the same name. This is the second anime adaptation of a Yumi Nakata manga; the first being 2010’s Chu-Bra!!,  the anime about an underwear club. Director Hiroyuki Furukawa has only directed one previous anime, last year’s Shin Strange+, but with Studio Seven behind the project, we’re practically guaranteed a delightful short form anime. In the past, Studio Seven have produced such excellent short form anime as Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, Morita-san wa Mukuchi, and, a personal favourite from last season, I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. With titles such as these in their catalogue, any Studio Seven anime is an automatic addition to my anime viewing.

Some spoilers present below…

Screenshot 2015-07-10 00.27.13When an anime starts with a girl showering students with condoms in an effort to become Student Council President, you know you’re in for some comedic viewing. My Wife is the Student Council President is, essentially, about the relationship marriage between Ui Wakana, Student Council President, and Hayato Izumi, Vice Student Council President. Both of them run for president, alas, Ui’s promise to liberalise love while throwing condoms into the audience secures her victory. At the student council meeting, Ui invites herself to Hayato’s house. At his house, she informs him that she is to be his wife; this is all thanks to an alochol-assisted agreement made between their parents when they were three years old. I look forward to following their relationship each week throughout the Summer season.

Okusama Screenshot1The anime manages to be cute, yet unrestrained when it comes to the ecchi content; she offers to suck his finger in lieu of a ring, but he ends up sucking on her nipple. I was rather surprised to see that in a short form anime, especially in episode 1, but it did effectively add to the comedic value. Crunchyroll have opted to provide us with both the censored, and uncensored versions of the anime. In episode 1, this amounts to showing a short “Wife Theatre” scene, as can be seen below, in the censored version, whilst the uncensored video instead shows us the couple’s aforementioned incredibly forward substitute for placing a ring on each other’s fingers.

OkusamaScreenshot 3Give the first two episodes a watch over at Crunchyroll and let me know what you think of it. Personally, I’ll be watching the uncensored version, but if you prefer your ecchi anime nippleless, the censored version is there as well.