First Look: 91 Days


: Hiro Kaburagi
Series Composer: Taku Kishimoto
Music: Shogo Kaida
Animation Production: Shuka
Simulcast: Crunchyroll

Originals are very valuable in the industry, showing off the creativity and abilities of the staff without the restrictions of going by source materials. So when studio Shuka who has only done Durarara!! X2 (Sho, Second Arc, Third Arc) starts an original as their second production, it is indeed something to see.


In the time of the Prohibition era, Avilio saw his family murdered after a mafia dispute. Alone, he went into hiding then came back years after with a letter that ignited his passion for revenge. With the help of a friend, he infiltrates the Vanetti family and carefully pick out his targets, those involved in the murder many years ago.

A great ride so far as it is clearly shown that it was meant to be something to be experienced on an audio visual medium. With an opening sequence that sets the mood with dreary rain, gossiping hooded old women, empty chair in an empty room, the visual vocabulary is dense and tells much a story and characterization in such a short amount of time, with little dialogue and a tangible atmosphere. Characters have strong and consistent body language, conveying more than what is said or even complementing or showing character contradictions, developing them all the more. The storytelling is solid, keeping its pace well and in its own tempo within well-structured episodes ending both satisfactorily as well as setting up interest for the next.

A solid work this is and hopefully will keep its quality till the very end because as it stands, it makes a very compelling and atmospheric mafia original, one that will make quite a name for the studio.

mpv-shot0004Episodes 1 to 4 can be viewed at Crunchyroll (US). Do give it a look see and enjoy this excellent series