Feature: Lap Pun Cheung’s Final Fantasy VII Speedpainting Series

The internet is large and vast with untold amounts of information but it’s also a place of creation and discovering and what better example of this than Lap Pun Cheung’s Final Fantasy VII Speedpainting Series!

Lap Pun Cheung has completed an awe-inspiring collection of artwork recreating one of the most iconic games in history – Final Fantasy VII. Cheung is a concept artist and illustrator from UK and is currently working in Germany for Goodgame studios, he began working on the FFVII series back in November of 2014 and six months later he has finally finished this mammoth task.

Here an excerpt from Cheung’s introduction to the Final Fantasy VII Speedpainting series, “Final Fantasy VII. One of my favourite games and something of milestone for JPRG popularity in the west.

With that I decided that I would do a piece of art for each soundtrack title. That was the original plan but soon enough, just doing the titles wasn’t going to cut it in making the series coherent. So I added filler images, to cover points in the story the soundtrack doesn’t show. After around five months of working on it in my free time and in between other personal projects I have finally finished. It hasn’t always been easy and some of the results aren’t what I intended, but now it is complete.

I present to you my cinematic speedpainting series of Final Fantasy VII. I hope you enjoy it.

Below is part 1 of the Final Fantasy VII speedpainting series, the full 130 can be viewed here as well as in a pdf artbook available to download here. The artbook contains an introduction to the series and a nod to Nobuo Uematsu, with the line “Your music continues to inspire me.“, a lot of the paintings are accompanied by little notes that help you understand what Cheung was thinking when creating a particular painting.

Lap Pun Cheung’s full range of artwork can be seen here at Artstation, you can also download a pdf artbook containing all of Lap’s Final Fantasy VII work here. Be sure to check back for our up-coming interview with Lap!