Dragon Ball Super to Simulcast in the UK via Daisuki!

Since the news broke that Dragon Ball Super would finally become available as a simulcast on various online streaming services one territory was noticeably absent – us in the UK. Thankfully Daisuki has announced today that they will be bringing Dragon Ball Super to the UK and other European countries.

The series will begin streaming on Daisuki from the 23rd October 2017, starting with the latest episode from the Future Trunk story arc.


About “Dragon Ball Super”
“Dragon Ball Super” is a brand new anime series with an original story by original creator Akira Toriyama! The anime begins not long after Goku defeated his greatest enemy yet Majin Buu in a vicious battle and brought back peace to Earth. However, strange incidents begin occurring one after another around Goku and his friends. Not only do they meet God of Destruction Beerus, who has awakened from his long slumber, the warrior once feared as “The Cosmic Emperor” Frieza reemerges to take revenge. To add to the chaos, stars seem to be mysteriously disappearing around the vicinity of Earth. What is happening to the planet?

For more information please take a look at Daisuki’s official statement here.