Dies Irae Localization Kickstarter Campaign Commences!

After the best part of ten years, and after more than four remakes in Japan, one of the greatest visual novels of the recent era: Dies Irae will be translated into English for a whole new audience.

Originally released in 2007 by the game company Light: Dies Irae is a genre of visual novel we still do not see often in the English speaking market, a hot-blooded supernatural battle story. Dies Irae stood above its contemporaries with a cast that was universally entertaining and compelling, even when half of them were murderers so horrendous even the Nazis thought they were over the top. No, really that is not hyperbole that is actually part of the story the antagonists of Dies Irae are basically visual novel Hydra.

However it is not set in stone yet, the full details can be found here, but the short of it is that visual novels like Dies Irae are a small niche within an already small niche so in order to be able to release this novel in English it was necessary to crowd fund it to the tune of $160,000 but at the time of writing it is already over half the way there. You can choose to support the campaign for just a digital or physical copy of the game but for those who pay a bit more, there are extras from badges all the way up to a signed drawing by the character designer G-Yuusuke.

If you loved stories like Fate from Type-Moon or the more over the top productions of 07th Expansion then I highly recommend you at least give this a look, back this project and you can have the unusual feeling of reading the visual novel long before the anime adaptation is released.