Chaos;Child Visual Novel Comes to the West in 2017

MCM Comic Con London might not have started yet but the announcements sure have and PQube and coming out of the gate full speed ahead with their plans to release MAGES and 5pb’s acclaimed visual novel – Chaos;Child!

Sequel to Chaos;Head the first entry into the Science Adventure series that also includes Steins;GateChaos;Child has already received an anime adaptation and now the original visual novel makes it’s way to the west. Chaos;Child will be coming to Europe and North America in Q3 2017 and will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

When a series of bizarre murder cases take place in Shibuya, Takuru notices that the dates of the murders match up with a series of murders that happened six years before. Using this knowledge, Takuru and his friends begin to investigate and find themselves embroiled in a dangerous murder mystery…