BlazBlue Centralfiction Release Date & Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

PQube has announced that a release date and pre-order bonuses for upcoming Arc System Works’ 2D fighter – BlazBlue Centralfiction. PQube will be releasing BlazBlue Centralfiction in Europe on November 4, 2016, only three days after the North American release. BlazBlue Centralfiction will be available on both PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 systems and will also see some exclusive pre-order bonuses at select retailers.

A select number of retailers across Europe, including, will be offering a set of 8 exclusive art cards depicting scenes from the game.


Our friends over at Rice Digital, however, will be offering the European exclusive BlazBlue Centralfiction Azure Edition. This edition includes, as well as the game, a 100-page art book, an official soundtrack and a Noel Vermillion Nendoroid Petit and of course a gorgeous box to keep it all in featuring exclusive artwork.



About the game: BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION serves as the epic climax to the current BLAZBLUE story arc and is the ultimate version of what is widely considered to be one of the finest, most beautiful fighting game series ever made.

Featuring over 30 characters, brand new game mechanics, over 30 hours of story and over 60 stages, BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION is the biggest game in the series to date.

Retaining its gorgeous 2D style and animation, BLAZBLUE continues to set the bar for beautifully lavish fighting games boasting exceptional craftsmanship.

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