Armello Review

Release Date
September 27, 2018
Nintendo Switch
Publisher / Developer
ICO Partners / League of Geeks
Role-Playing, Digital Board Game
Single-player, Multiplayer

*Originally published in The Argus Friday, October 26, 2018*

The traditional board game experience becomes digital in the swashbuckling adventure of Armello. Combining the strategic play of card and board games with RPG elements to create a personal story-fuelled experience. “Easy to Play but Hard to Master” Armello boasts a complex level of strategic depth with intuitive and easy to grasp gameplay. 

Armello sees you in control of a ‘Hero’ from one of the four animal clans: Wolf, Rabbit, Rat and Bear. Navigate the board as a fully animated 3D character as you face off against other players while working toward your goal of becoming the King or Queen of Armello. Your adventures will see you fight monsters, the Mad King’s royal guards and other players as you explore, quest and scheme your way through the game. 

Each Hero plays completely different from the next and it’s your job to make use of each of their unique talents. Fight your way to victory, explore for hidden treasures or scheme your way to the top it’s all up for grabs. Just like no two Heroes are the same each game will be totally unique. Play with friends or family to really shake things up. With bandits hiding around every corner and the threat of a deadly corruption known as the Rot, there’s never a dull moment to be had.

Procedurally generated boards help to keep each game feeling fresh and while the hex tile layout may appear the same in each game, the terrain is not. Each area of the board is filled with an array of perils and opportunities. Using everything at your disposal is key to getting the upper hand, even if it means allowing the Rot to corrupt you. Speaking of hand, you’ll start each game with a selection of cards to help you on your way, earn more as you progress, and use what works for you to come up trumps.


The low entry requirements and the unique nature of the game will keep you, your family and friends occupied for hours on end. Each game is a story yet to be written, an adventure of your own to craft. Fans of the traditional board experience will find a lot to love here as will those who like a good helping of strategy in their games.

Review copy provided by ICO Partners