Anime Limited License Tokyo Ghoul OVAs and Sword of the Stranger for UK Home Video

Yesterday we reported that Anime Limited and Crunchyroll have partnered together to stream Studio Khara’s Dragon Dentist. This wasn’t the only announcement, however, as Anime Limited made a number of announcements earlier in the day. Those being the home video release of the Tokyo Ghoul OVAs “Jack” and “Pinto” and the home video release of Sword of the Stranger.

Continue reading for more details on both home video release announcements.

UK anime distributor Anime Limited have announced they will be releasing Tokyo Ghoul OVAs “Jack” and “Pinto” on Blu-ray and DVD. Having already released the first two seasons of the hugely popular Tokyo Ghoul something they have consistently been asked since is “will you release the OVAs?” well they have heard the fans cries for more!

The Tokyo Ghoul OVAs will be released on Blu-ray and DVD containing both episodes as an individual release. Anime Limited have also confirmed that there will be no English language audio for either OVA and will be an English subtitle only release. Anime Limited has stated that this release will be available in May 2017 with an exact date to be confirmed.

Anime Limited resurrect another Beez Entertainment release in the (classic apparently?) Sword of the Stranger which is set to release on Blu-ray and DVD on 5th June 2017.

Anime Limited have confirmed that this will be a Collector’s Edition style release and will include both English and Japanese language audio options. There will be more details on what to expect from this release in the coming months.

Having not heard of this movie we are certainly interested in whether it deserves the mantle of “classic” but if websites like MAL are anything to go by it seems highly possibly which makes us wonder how we appear to have missed this title previously.