Anime Expo Day 4

Here we are at the final day of this year’s Anime Expo. Despite it being the last day where the expo ends early, there are still many attendees participating in what Anime Expo 2016 holds in store. Outside the convention center in the morning, one can still see droves of people still attending the event.


The first panel I visited today was the God Eater panel in which they showcased the localized versions of God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Lenka was featured in God Eater Resurrection with the staff showing the audience his various weapon types. Afterwards, they showed the final episode of the God Eater anime adaptation, slightly teasing the possibility of a second season. I was quite surprised, however, that the entirety of the final episode was shown, but at least I can happily rewatch it again.

20160704_114258 20160704_114914 20160704_11504620160704_115353

And from the God Eater panel comes the Bandai Namco panel, featuring not only God Eater, but Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and Tales of Berseria. This was a very fun panel as the producers for all three franchises were present. A live demo of Tales of Berseria was showcased, generating hype from the audience. Then, the staff proceeded to explain the features of each game including various costume DLCs. In the Q&A afterwards, I had a laugh when Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization producer Yosuke Futami was explaining how the skirts of some characters were too short, which caused them to spend time adjusting the camera functions. Then God Eater producer Yusuke Tomizawa replied he didn’t have that problem with his games because the games allowed players to look up the characters’ skirts.

20160704_134537 20160704_134603 20160704_134620 20160704_134638

The Trigger panel pretty much consisted of a Q&A session while prominent company illustrators draw and eventually give away their works in the background. Most were crossovers between Kiznaiver and Kill la Kill, but there was one from Uchuu Patrol Luluco. The questions eventually transitioned to the topic of American comics, which allowed these illustrators to express their opinions on them.

20160704_151424  20160704_15354620160704_155445

Unfortunately, all good things must end, and this year’s Anime Expo ended with a bang with their closing ceremony. Various videos were shown such as one dedicated to this year’s deceased individuals of the industry, a number of AMVs, and another featuring events from the past few days at the expo. Performers included Cowboy Bebop Jazz Cat Experience and Chii Sakurabi.

And with that, Anime Expo 2016 comes to a close. I will be looking forward to attending next year, especially since it will be 5 days long this time.