All The Anime @ MCM Comic Con London May 2016 – Round-up Day 3

Today, the final day of MCM London 2016 saw the reveal of some impressive titles from the team at All The Anime. The first two announcements were made in their second panel, alongside some Q&A and discussion of All The Anime and what they do.

The first announcement was made at the start of the panel, and confirmed what many of us already expected. All The Anime will be bringing Death Parade to the UK as an Ultimate Edition release. The original Anime Mirai short, Death Billiards, will also be included as a part of the release.

The second announcement was supposed to be at the end of the panel, but Andrew opted to announce it in response to a relevant question during the Q&A segment. This announcement was for the war propaganda film Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors. This will utilise the upcoming Japanese 2K remaster and be released on both DVD and blu-ray. Additionally, there will be at least a festival presence for the film in terms of theatrical release.

The third announcement was the latest TV series in the Lupin III franchise, Lupin III Part IV. This title was recently simulcast on Crunchyroll. The prior television outing of the franchise, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, was released on bluray and DVD by Manga Entertainment.

The fourth announcement was for Belladonna of Sadness, a 1973 film by Mushi Production. This film recently underwent a 4K digital restoration from the original camera negative and sound effects.

The fifth announcement of today, and the final of the weekend, was a Beez license rescue; Tatami Galaxy will be released by All The Anime.

During the Q&A segment of their panel, a progress update on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was given; Funimation have the rights to both seasons in the US, while season 2 is with Manga Entertainment in the UK. Funimation may opt to follow Japan’s lead and release a chronological blu-ray collection of both seasons, in which case All The Anime will have to get season one discs authored themselves.

More information on their announcements will come from All The Anime soon, so we’ll be keeping our eyes on their weekly News Wire.