All The Anime @ MCM Comic Con London May 2016 – Round-up Day 1

Now that the first day of MCM Comic Con is over (Boo!!!), and it’s time to recuperate in preparation for tomorrow and more anime announcements, let’s review All The Anime’s announcements.

Rather than announce their titles through social media or a panel, All The Anime Limited chose to post their announcements to a wall. Nope, not a Facebook wall, one of their booth’s walls. Titles were printed on A4 sheets and attached every so often during the day. More are to come as the weekend continues.

First up was the announcement that the Persona 3 Movies are to be released in the UK; as confirmed in the panel later on, these are to be typical All The Anime Collector’s Edition movies. It is of note that the US has yet to see a domestic release of this title.

The second announcement was another Aniplex title, High School Fleet. This is a current simulcast, available on Crunchyroll, Animax UK, and FunimationNow; it is definitely one worth checking out, and one we cannot wait to review.

Third up was Black Butler Season 3; the previous two seasons were released by Manga UK. It is unknown whether All The Anime also have the Book of Murder OVA.

The final wall reveal was Dimension W, a Funimation title in the US; no further details were given in the panel.

After these announcements, the plans for the Full Metal Alchemist Ultimate Edition were revealed during the first of two All The Anime panels this weekend. This Ultimate Edition will have an SRP of £299.99, but an Early Bird deal on their web store is less than half of that cost. This is due out in October and, while 1000 will be made, only 970 will be available. Preorders are exclusive to the All The Anime web store, and Zavvi.

You can visit All The Anime’s dedicated subdomain here for full details.

It was mentioned that, if at all possible, All The Anime would like to revisit the Durarara!! X2 OVAs down the line, potentially as a standalone release.

Tomorrow, there’ll be more announcements on their wall, and we’re eager to see how they stack up compared to what we’ve had so far.