All the Anime: Escaflowne Ultimate Edition Disc Replacement Scheme

If you happened to purchase the Escaflowne Ultimate Edition back at MCM Comic Con London or have a pre-order locked in then note that due to a minor issue regarding the subtitling in episode nine (the third disc) All the Anime will be offering a disc replacement service.

People affected by this will, therefore, be eligible for a replacement disc which is open to anyone who has bought the Ultimate Edition. This new disc should be available ahead of the Standard Edition Blu-ray release which is currently scheduled for February 2017. Note that the Standard Edition Blu-ray should contain the new disc. Full details on how and why this error happened and how you can request a replacement disc can be found here at the All the Anime blog.

Credit to All the Anime and Andrew Partridge for responding to this issue so quickly and putting measures in place to correct the error.