Akiba’s Beat Limited Edition GAME Exclusive

PQube have announced that Akiba’s Beat, the follow-up and third title in the Akiba series, is set to receive a Limited Edition release. Akiba’s Beat will be coming to Europe in Spring 2017 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The Limited Edition set will be available from select retailers only across Europe and will include a copy of the game, a high-quality art book and special box.

You can pick up the Akiba’s Beat Limited Edition exclusively from GAME in the UK.

About the Game
Set in an accurate but hyper-stylised recreation of Akihabara, the world-famous district of Tokyo where technology meets culture, AKIBA’S BEAT is an action RPG with real-time party based combat. As dark forces descend on the town, the people’s memories, hopes and dreams manifest in reality and warp Akihabara in strange ways, threatening the very fabric of space and time!

It is up to self-professed NEET, Asahi Tachibana, to lead a rag-tag group of chosen ones to take on the freakish manifestations of Akihabara in this action RPG. Meet Akiba’s colourful characters and form your best team to take on fantasies come to life!