Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

We all know about the new Dragon Ball Z film that hit Japan last summer called Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the gods. But, what a lot of people didn’t know about is this brand new game coming out across the world.

The new Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) game coming out this month in Japan, Europe and America has developed a brand new fighting system. Battle of Z is a team fighting action game that allows up to eight players to battle it out against one another.

The brand new game allows users to have up to four players in a cooperative play and lets players perform attacks together and heal one another. But this isn’t just offline people! It supports online multiplayer battles and PS Vita ad-hoc connection.

The game’s key feature is team battle action. Teammates share an energy meter called a Genki gauge. The meter increases when you attack opponents and once filled it allows the characters to perform an ultimate attack.

An added bonus is playable characters can team up to perform techniques such as Meteor chain Revive Soul and Synchro Rush.

Meteor chain: An effective way to get the Genki gauage to fill up quickly. It involves partners teaming up to launch attack after attack following up each other’s attacks and timings so your opponent does not have time to counter.

Synchro Rush: Rushing the opponent at the same time, resulting in simultaneous hits.

Revive Soul: Reviving a fallen partner, giving them energy to get back in the battle.

There are four different battle types for playable characters:

Fighting Type: close combat skills, like Kaio-ken attack and Recoome Kick.

Ki Blast Type: long rang skills using Genki Gauge such as Death beam and Spirit ball.

Support Type: power such as health regeneration for example Health regain blast, Fighting Pose.

Interference Type: adept at abilities that interfere with enemy movements such as Solar Flare, Chocolate Beam.

The heavy downside is..two players can no longer play on the same consoles. The biggest reason for this is because the developers state that the want a player to have the best possible graphics in full screen.

Unlike recent DBZ games this game has a lack of characters. The game features only over 70 characters.

An added bonus is that Namco Bandai games Europe has provided fans with some unique Pre-order and Day 1 offers. Any person that pre-order Battle of Z will receive 2 exclusive in-game DLC characters: Super Vegito and Super Saiyan Bardock. available solely via pre-order across Europe and Australasia.

Day 1 Edition includes a bonus DLC code for Goku in Naruto Sage mode costume.

The Goku Edition comes with the full game with a unique GOKU (Naruto Uzmaki Sage Mode) Costume DLC, an art book with privileged content from the developer’s team and an exclusive SUPER SAIYAN GOKU figure which is 25cm in height.

That’s right EUROPE FANS we are receiving a collectors edition just in EUROPE!