Knights of Sidonia Compilation Film + Season 2

The Knights of Sidonia compilation film has been airing a new television commercial over the past week in Japan, the film will compile the entire 12 episodes of season one with new sequences and redone sound effects, Kobun Shizuno the director of the anime series will also direct the film. The theatrical version of the film opened in Japanese theatres on March 6th and will run for two weeks with a Blu-ray and DVD release set for March 25th.

Text: A thousand years since the destruction of the solar system…
Nagate: This is… the ground above…
Text: The future of humanity
Izana: Do you have any really special skills?
Text: Has been entrusted to a single boy.
Kobayashi: I want you to become a pilot for a Tsugumori.
Woman: A Gauna has appeared!
Kunato: Who are you?
Shizuka: I’m glad I’m not alone.
Nagate: I will fight against the Gauna.
Text: The last hope can’t be let go of.

It has been confirmed that the second season of Knights of Sidonia will return to Netflix after a tweet from Head of International Business Development and Producer for animators Polygon Pictures, Jack Liang, with a #netflix tag.

The second season of Knights of Sidonia, Battle for Planet Nine, will première in April in Japan but it’s unknown whether Netflix will simulcast the series as the first season was shown after the series had ended in Japan.