First Look – Rolling☆Girls



Directed By : Kotomi Deai

Produced By : Wit Studio

Genre : Slice of Life

Available through Funimation in the US and Viewster in the UK .

Rolling Girls , produced by Wit Studio the company behind the massive hit anime Attack on Titan , and (I’m calling it now) the future hit anime Owari no Seraph , which is due to air in April. Kotomi Deai is in the director’s chair for this series and while not a familiar name at first they have worked on a few notable series such as Michiko to Hatchin , Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Gin no Saji , of which they directed the second season.

The story follows the travels of Nozomi Moritomo, Yukina Kosaka, Ai Hibiki and Chiaya Misono, on their mission to mediate battles between the now independent prefectures following on from the Great Tokyo War ten years ago. Essentially each prefecture is now its own nation and is represented by what can only be described as a teenage gang, which look very much like the cast of the movie Grease, with each group having their own Jacket or Uniform to distinguish themselves.

In the premiere episode we are treated to a showdown between a mean teen wielding a giant safety pin and a green ranger, expecting something along the lines of Samurai Flamenco, i was pleasantly surprised to be treated to a Kill La Kill inspired fight. This show is definitely not what many expected. While it’s hard to see if this show will end up being worth the time and investment, it’s certainly odd and entertaining enough in the first episode to make me want to watch the next.

I’m slightly baffled by the choice of genre this show seems thrust into as it doesn’t exactly match what I witnessed, sure there was a school and a female student who attended said school but apart from being used to establish the fact that Nozomi Moritomo is a perfect A….average student it had no meaning to the story so far. With gang warfare and fight scene that borders the fantasy category I would not be put off by the genre this show has been dropped into and I expect additional tags will be add to various websites as this series progresses.