Dive to Psycho-Pass

From July to September, Odaiba hosted a fantastic little Psycho-Pass event, Dive to Psycho-Pass. As a huge fan of the series, I had to go and check it out.

The event was split between two places, with one having a shooting game and cafe and the other having a film and shop. Sadly I didn’t have a chance to check them all out, but what I did see was enough to excite any fan of the series.

Anyone who visited the free event was able to watch the Psycho-Film, a 10-minute recap of what happened between the detectives and the evil Makishima Shogo. There was a special Psycho-Pass purikura machine waiting outside, tempting fans to take pictures with their favourite characters.

The walls were filled with beautiful pieces of art, I forgot just how nice the character designs were for this series.

The store had a wide range of goods from bags and key-chains to jackets and figures. I spent far too much money in the store, but the free Odaiba x Psycho-Pass bag you were given for spending over a certain amount made it worth it.

Life-size versions of the Kougami, Tsunemori and Makishima figures on sale in the store, were displayed by the elevator.

Although I didn’t get to visit the cafe or the shooting game, the event was fun, filled with Psycho-Pass lovers and best of all, totally free!
I look forward to Odaiba’s next big event!