This is… Japanese food!?

A few years ago I had the unfortunate privilege of experiencing first hand just how nasty Japanese food can taste. Well, I say Japanese food, what I actually had was a rubbery bowl of tasteless noodles. The place that serves this concoction is tucked away in Brighton lanes, it’s a little chain restaurant which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. If you’ve ever eaten there maybe you’re reading this and thinking “I enjoyed my meal there”. Maybe you’re thinking “I had a lovely evening there”. I am here to tell you that you didn’t. What you thought you enjoyed was a tasty bowl of ramen, what you had was a nasty cheap fake, and if you taste the real deal, you will agree with me.

This place is an insult to Japanese food and doesn’t even try to give you more than a greasy bowl of noodles.I happened to walk past the restaurant with a Japanese friend of mine who wasn’t impressed. She said that she’s sure some decent Japanese restaurant is suffering somewhere because a place like this exists. Which got me thinking, why aren’t people seeking out the real Japanese restaurants?

My girl

People should demand a good meal for their money, if you want to experience real Japanese style food then visiting a chain store which doesn’t value it’s customers and doesn’t attempt to make its food taste good is not the greatest option.

Next time you fancy a Japanese meal, try having a look for a local Japanese restaurant or buying some instant ramen as seen in this lovely picture here. You will be doing yourself a favour.

I hope to share with you through my articles some of the nicest, friendliest, tastiest and best restaurants, snacks, foods and drinks I can find. If you know of any restaurants that stand out, please share them with us.