Toy – Metal Gear Ray 3A

No idea what Metal Gear Ray is? Prepare to be enlightened. A Metal Gear is a form of weapon from the franchise Metal Gear Solid, no surprises there then. This one was originally introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty . And it’s badass.

Over a year ago it was announced that 3A would be releasing a scale model version of Ray, sending the Metal Gear community into a frenzy, especially after the success of their first Metal Gear model: Metal Gear Rex.

Metal Gear Solid Ray 3A is stunningly detailed and fairly massive:

Wing Span = Approximately 98cm / 38.6 inches

Height = Approximately 42cm / 16.5 inches

Width = Approximately 38cm / 15 inches

Length = Approximately 45cm / 17.7 inches

The model comes with an articulated figure base and a teeny little Liquid Ocelot figure to keep it company.

Unfortunately, for those now salivating and reaching for their debit cards, it was pre-purchase only and is now sold out. All for the low, low price of $490.00! Nosebleed inducing, but for the size of it you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Those that did part with the cash didn’t look back and it is rather beautiful to behold; fully articulated wings, legs and torso, illuminated eyes and cockpit area and the mouth opens up to reveal highly detailed interior panels.

The model requires 3 AG13 Button Cell Batteries, obviously not included, for the lights to work but these are easy find and an easy to install. Even with trembling fingers.


Here’s mine, I had to buy one! (Sorry about the picture quality):

Too beautiful!