Danganronpa Event

Having loved both the first and second game in the Danganronpa series, hearing that Namja Town in Ikebukuro would be hosting an event dedicated to the game, I knew it was something that I could not miss out on. The event area, although small had a lot for fans of the franchise to get excited about.

In the arcade section, you can find UFO Catchers and a Danganronpa themed Purikura machine.

Most of the prizes were easy to win and the section was surrounded by really energetic and friendly staff. The things you could win included giant plushies, soft keychains, cushions, phone charms and bags, basically everything a Danganronpa fan could want!

The Danganronpa themed Purikura was very popular, allowing you to take photos with your favourite characters or strike a pose.

The food stalls had a lot of themed dishes, I went for the Chiaki themed Gyoza (as she is my favourite character). The portions, although small, tasted good and came with a free sticker. I also grabbed dessert, there was so much on offer, but I went with Fuyuhiko/Peko ice cream.

After eating it was time to try out the Class Trial, which was a great experience (to take part you must understand a lot of Japanese, as there is no English available).

After it was straight to the Monomono Garapon, a lottery where you could win some rare and awesome prizes.

There was also a Namja Store, selling some great merchandise.
Here are some more photos and a few of the things I bought and won:

It was a fun-filled event with kind staff, lots to see, win, eat and buy. The event will run until November 3rd, so if you’re in Tokyo and love Danganronpa go check it out!