Anime Releases [August 2014]

Welcome to the August anime release schedule, the most complete schedule for anime releases in the UK. Some great releases this month with new series and collections from Anime Limited , who bring us the complete blu-ray collection for Cowboy Bebop . MVM Entertainment give us From The New World and Nekomonogatari Black and finally from Manga Entertainment we have Robotics;Notes .

Take a look at the complete list here:

04/08 Campione! Collection Blu-Ray / DVD MVM Entertainment
04/08 Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust Blu-Ray / DVD Kaze / Manga Entertainment
11/08 Fairy Tail – Part 8 Blu-Ray / DVD Manga Entertainment
11/08 From The New World – Part 1 Blu-Ray / DVD MVM Entertainment
11/08 One Piece (Uncut) Collection 7 DVD Manga Entertainment
18/08 Mysterious Girlfriends X Collection DVD MVM Entertainment
25/08 Cowboy Bebop: Complete BD Collection Blu-Ray Anime Limited
25/08 Dragon Ball Season 3 DVD Manga Entertainment
25/08 Jormungand: Perfect Order: Complete Season 2 Blu-Ray / DVD Manga Entertainment
25/08 Nekomonogatari Black Blu-Ray / DVD MVM Entertainment
25/08 Robotics;Notes – Part 1 Blu-Ray / DVD Manga Entertainment

Stay tuned for more releases next month and make sure to check out the latest manga release schedule which will be up in a few days. We do all the hard work for you so make sure you have enough cash to keep up!

* (Blu-Ray/DVD) means released separately on both formats, although in same cases they may be release as a combo pack in which case that will be mark with (Blu-Ray Double Play).