The Red Comet Rides in Style

Nankai Electric Railway has gone about remodelling one of its own high-speed trains in the style of Neo Zeon faction leader and ‘second coming of Char Aznable’ – Full Frontal. Dubbing the train the ‘second coming of the Red Comet’ it celebrates the latest instalment of the hugely popular Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA, ‘Over the Rainbow’, as well as serving as a 20 th anniversary for the Nankai railway line.

Known as the Limited Express Rapi:t the train runs from Osaka’s Namba Station to the international airport in Osaka Bay. Along with being painted red in the style of Full Frontal’s own mobile suit, the train also includes special ‘reserved’ seats for the leaders of Neo Zeon; Angelo Sauper, Mineva Zabi and of course Full Frontal. These special seats can be used with the purchase of a ‘super seat’ ticket.

The Red Comet will be in service from April 26 to June 30with entrance tickets costing ¥890 (£5.17), regular express voucher tickets at ¥1,020 (£5.93) and super seats at ¥1,440 (£8.37). Various merchandise of the Red Comet will also be available including scarf/towels and clear files.

Source: Anime News Network , Nankai Electric Railway , Response

Images: Cibits