First Look – Dog Days”

Dog Days”

Directed By : Junji Nishimura, Kikuchi Katsuya

Produced By : Seven Arcs

Genre : Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Magic

Dog Days” is the third entry in the Dog Days franchise, if you haven’t managed to check them out yet then luckily for you both seasons one and two are available to stream in the UK through Crunchyroll .

So far Dog Days” is managing to live up to the previous installments, we have the seriousness of season one and the light hearted, pervy-ness of season two. It’s too early to tell at this point where the series will end up, but there is no doubt that it’ll be a fun journey getting there. With the new season we are introduced to more characters, which join the already immense cast, like Sharu, the dragon priestess, with a costume design that looks rather reminiscent of RG Veda . The first two episodes do a good job of setting up Sharu’s character, she’s isolated, but they still manage to show her fun side, and like all the animal eared people in Dog Days seems disproportionately amazed by basic human athletics.

The only real downside to Dog Days” is the few incidences where corners have clearly been cut with the animation, however this is almost immediately shown up by an incredibly smooth and intricate movement a moment later. If there is one thing to be worried about it would be that the production team seem to be losing this balance in animation quality. Other than that it continues being a series where silliness and fun trumps tension and melodrama, making it unique amongst others of its genre.

While there is currently no simulcast streaming available in the UK at this time, expect to see Dog Days” available Crunchyroll in the near future, but you can always go and watch the previous seasons while you wait.