First Look – Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom
( Ansatsu Kyoushitsu )

Directed By: Seiji Kishi

Produced By : Lerche

Genre : Action/Comedy/Shonen

The incredibly popular manga, Assassination Classroom has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2012 and now we are treated to a 22 episode anime adaptation. AssClass is being directed by the inconsistent, Seiji Kishi who has brought us some fantastic shows like Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru and Angel Beats , but has also given us the poorly adapted Devil Survivor 2: The Animation . Hopefully Seiji will make this adaptation something special.

Class 3-E have a new teacher and not your average one, this teacher has recently destroyed the moon, can reach mach 20 speed and just happens to be an alien. If he cannot be killed within one year he will destroy the Earth, now governments around the world are trying to take him down and the students of Class 3-E are being trained to do the same. Who is he? Why did he destroy the moon? Most importantly why is he teaching this band of misfits? Assassination Classroom promises to be an entertaining watch.

The series has gotten off to a great start, introducing the key characters and showing both the nice and angry sides of the strange alien, Koro-sensei. The art is beautiful and has really captured the look and feel of the manga, I can’t forget to mention the wonderfully unique opening which highlights how fun and wacky this series can be.

Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch, Code Geass : Hangyaku no Lelouch ) steals the show as usual and does an absolutely fantastic job as Koro-sensei. The first episode, although exposition heavy, does well setting things up and is a nice introduction to this incredibly popular franchise.

Unfortunately there is currently no streaming available for this series in the UK, but hopefully someone will pick it up soon.