Final Fantasy Agito, Type-0 and VII G-Bike

Square Enix has been busy this week, releasing a trailer announcing the localization of Final Fantasy Agito . The end of the trailer also included an update on an even more anticipated game coming to the west – Final Fantasy Type-0 . Not finished there, Square Enix also released a trailer for a somewhat unexpected game that’s currently in development for mobile devices called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike .

Final Fantasy Agito is a mobile game currently available on both IOS and Android in Japan and was released on May 14th 2014. It was announced at E3 2014 via a trailer that Agito is being localised for the western market. Agito serves as a prequel and companion title to Final Fantasy Type-0.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the most anticipated Final Fantasy game bar XV, originally released on the PSP in Japan back in 2011. Rumour has it that a localisation for the game was near completion but the game never saw release because of the ending life cycle of the PSP, fans have been outspoken in there desires to see Type-0 released is any format. What a great way to grant that wish then by announcing at E3 Square Enix will be giving Type-0 a complete HD makeover and bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is definitely an unexpected announcement to come from Square Enix. While every Final Fantasy fan has thought that most mini games could stand on their own two feet, though none were expecting it to happen, here we are. G-Bike is essentially the motorbike mini game from Final Fantasy VII found in the Gold Saucer, it will include character customisation and boss battles. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is currently in development and will be a mobile game coming to IOS and Android.

Source: Square Enix , E3