Gundam YouTube Channel

In combination with our recent guide into Gundam timelines and how to jump straight into the meta-series, we will now share with you ways that you can watch Gundam for Free!

With the ever growing popularity of YouTube and the ability to access content whenever users want it, companies as of late have been using the platform to advertise or upload extended trailers and additional footage of movies or TV series. Anime companies have been taking it a couple of steps further by offering entire series through the YouTube platform, while they may just be advertising products such as trading card games and in this case Gunpla and Blu-Ray/DVD releases but who can complain when you’re getting to watch them for free . and their YouTube channel is where this is all possible, series available to watch are:

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (Eng Sub but doesn’t seem to be available in the UK)

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD REMASTER

Gundam Build Fighters

Plus a few other misc video series.