Weekly Shonen Jump 2021 Issue #26 Roundup

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #26 is here and features cover and lead colours pages for Jujutsu Kaisen. Series also featuring colour pages this week are Undead Unluck and Blue Box. No series are absent this week.

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Spoilers ahead!

Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 150 – Cover/Lead Colour Page

And with that chapter, Maki is now easily the best thing in this entire manga. Maki always had a cool presence about her. Her lack of ability with cursed power, but an insane level of martial art and physical prowess. The backstory with her family and twin sister all culminates in one of the most interesting characters. 

There were a couple of unfinished pages where the initial outlines were used. Probably not ideal given the series has the cover and lead colour pages this week. But it’s always interesting to see how an author works before they touch everything up. 

One Piece Ch. 1014

Everything seems to be falling apart for the Straw Hat Pirate Crew and the samurai. Kaido has beaten Luffy and caught up with Momonosuke. The rest of the crew are still fighting hard but as Onigashima approaches the Wano mainland what does this mean for the inhabitants of Wano. 

My Hero Academia Ch. 314

MHA’s take on the superhero trope has always been an interesting juxtaposition to what we see in US comics. Now the series is venturing into the territory of The Boys. Not in the overly lewd sense. But how the society formed around this situation needs to be kept safe from those who are meant to protect. Lady Nagant’s backstory in this chapter is all about the underbelly of this enormous beast.

Black Clover Ch. 294

With Dante’s defeat at the hands of Magna, we’re given an overview of the current situation. Devils are still arriving in great numbers. Defeating the remaining members of the dark triad is key to stopping the influx. The fight against Vanica continues to rage with Lolopechka still under her curse. Struggling against this powerful duo, Charlotte receives some much-needed aid in the form of Noelle.

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 18

Chapters that rely less on the weird and more on the serious aspects of this warring period are very welcome. Every chapter we get like this that progresses the story and by extension, the characters’ growth gives me hope. I’m still not sold on this series but if it can stay on this track, it’ll be enjoyable.

Undead Unluck Ch. 65 – Colour

The Uma Summer is evolving and Shen’s Untruth negator power has miraculously passed to Mui. Finally, Feng’s defeat appears to be at hand. Everything in this chapter came together nicely.

Sakamoto Days Ch. 25

Another action-packed chapter of Mr Sakamoto and Shin kicking ass. I’m hoping this series goes the distance because I would like to see these fights in anime form.

Dr. Stone Ch. 198

Dr Xeno has been revived because his expertise in Senku’s new plan will be invaluable. That’s right, they’re headed into space. To the moon. Or that’s the goal, anyway. Why-man’s broadcast has apparently stopped and Senku wants to find out why. Also, there’s the big question of why this all happened in the first place. 

Candy Flurry (Ame no Furu) Ch. 6

Only six chapters in and we’re starting an exam arc. This could make or break the series but I’m quietly optimistic. The past couple of chapters have been improving in quality story-wise. 

Highschool Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 40

Gomez the cat is firmly in the spotlight in this chapter. Skipping school, the entire chapter focused on the idea of hooligans. Is Gomez one? Turns out he’s a good kitty trying to do the right thing. He even got his own pet cat. That’s right. A pet cat with a pet cat. 

Blue Box Ch. 7 – Colour

The balance being struck between sports and romance in Blue Box feels almost perfect. Seeing Taiki’s determination and drive for badminton complemented with precious moments of teen romance is great. 

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 64

Dot and Lance get transformed into babies because of the creepy Sitter Baby’s magic. And Mash still can’t recall his foe. A typically nonsensical chapter of Mashle.

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 84

Kawashita’s part has ended at the hands of the Yozakura family. It’s been a whirlwind of an arc from epic battles and multilayered backstories. There are still lot more questions to be answered though, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Me & Roboco Ch. 43

Is this series recycling its ideas because I feel like we’ve had this one already? Motsuo needs to study and place first in a national exam to continue attending the same school as Bondo and Gachi. Shenanigans take place and he ends up late but aces the test, regardless. Fairly mediocre chapter but there were some Death Note references.

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only, 18+) Ch. 46

An ayakashi is causing a heatwave, and everyone is all hot and sweaty. Queue the lewdness. Except this chapter was actually very conservative. A couple of blatant panty shots and a lot of sweaty armpits. Is that a thing? Not sure what the draw is on that one, but I’m not here to judge. 

Magu-Chan: God of Destruction Ch. 45

Magu, Naputa and Adamantine working together to make a secret base actually made for a charming chapter. With no interference from whatever story this series has, a chapter based on daily life is a welcome addition. If the series had more of this, and a shorter page count, I might rate it higher.

Witch Watch Ch. 16

Ah, young love. It’s tough having the pressures of high school and fleeting romances. Even tougher is being a witch where people want your help with their love life. This is Nico’s predicament as the school goes on a field trip that includes a so-called “lovers tree”. 

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin Ch. 44

The series feels like it’s wrapping the story up. And with the rumours of its imminent end on the horizon, that could very well be the case. It’s been a good run so far. Definitely gone from strength to strength. This final arc has been nothing short of great.

Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade Ch. 15

The team is facing a bit of self-doubt after the last chapter’s crushing realisation. Hakuo appears to have sinister intentions for the newly founded team. Thankfully, the team has resolved themselves to improve and take on the stronger Hakuo. 

This chapter ended with a slight time skip, which makes me believe we could enter the end phase of this series. 

i tell c Ch. 17

When murder mystery stories do the genre well, it’s a wonderful experience. How the main character can wrap up the entire story and reach their sometimes mind-boggling conclusion with such intelligence. i tell c doesn’t have that. Each week feels ad hoc and tries to make the series more than it truly is and this chapter was no different. 

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