Unboxing: Parasyte -the maxim- Collection 1 Deluxe Edition

Welcome to our second ever anime unboxing here at Japan Curiosity (we promise to do more in the future) and this is a set that I have been really looking forward to getting my hands on! Graciously provided by the wonderful people at Animatsu/Manga Entertainment, we have Parasyte -the maxim- Collection 1 Deluxe Edition.

On initial inspections we can see this release is very sleek and features some really nice artwork without overloading it with a ton of technical information. I have to applaud Animatsu for this stroke of genius, the information is neatly kept within the bottom edge of the set. It’s there, but not in a way that detracts from the overall look of the set. I must say I much prefer this approach than removable J-Cards.


If you didn’t already know the Deluxe Edition includes both Blu-ray and DVD versions of the series. Great for those that only look for DVD and generally miss out on Collector’s Editions. Though it would have been nice to maybe see different artwork for each one. There’s also the box for the physical extras but we’ll touch on that in a bit.

I’m glad the discs are housed in standard plastic cases and not in the ever-prone-to-breaking digipacks. You can probably tell I’m not a fan of digipacks, they look nice but are generally very flimsy. The discs themselves look pretty good though I feel the artwork underneath could have been a touch more interesting.

The extras box is probably the most intriguing aspect of the deluxe edition. Rarely do the extras get given their own dedicated space within a collector’s edition style release, they tend to just slot in wherever. The box itself features some nice artwork on the front and an advertisement for collection 2 on the back. The spine lists the contents of the entire set including whats in the box.



Inside the box we have a pretty awesomely designed microfiber cloth, a set of temporary tattoos and the best thing of the whole set, barring the series itself, the exclusive Be@rbrick Migi figure! I have a rather modest collection of anime related Be@rbrick’s and this is going to sit very nicely among its ranks. Such a unique item to include within a set, it’s something different and I personally love it.


Overall I feel this Deluxe Edition, or Limited Edition as the box states, is a nice little set. It caters to both Blu-ray and DVD collectors so no one is left out and features some pretty good exclusive items. Could they have included more, probably, a couple of art-cards or a poster would have been nice but I think the exclusive Migi Be@rbrick sets this release apart from the rest.

Value for money wise I think it’s worth it when you consider it included both Blu-ray and DVD, of course people won’t like that but you can’t please everybody, and the Migi Be@rbrick that you can’t get outside of this release. The RRP of £89.99 might turn people away, it’s certainly not the Seraph of the End price range, but when you consider we’ve seen higher priced sets that don’t have the items to back it up, this set definitely does. That said you can pick up this release at around the £60 mark online.


Well that’s it from us here at Japan Curiosity, we hope you enjoyed our unboxing of Parasyte -the maxim- Collection 1 Deluxe Edition. Let us know what your thoughts are and be sure to check out our review of this release when it goes live; we hope to bring you more unboxing articles and videos soon.