The Danbo Power Bank Portable Charger

YatsubaAlmost every Japanophile will recognise Danbo, regardless of whether they’ve read the absolutely wonderful Yotsuba&! Manga or not. The cute cardboard character quickly became popular worldwide and there are multiple figures and goods related to him. Now the wonderful folks at MobileFun have the Danbo Power Bank in stock, and we are not disappointed – it’s cute, lightweight and best of all it works extremely well.

As someone who travels a lot, I’ve owned multiple power banks over the years, but never one that charges my phone this quickly. The design is great and it also comes in a number of different colours (I went for the original colour), it has 2 USB ports, and can charge almost any USB device in the world. It even has an awesome carry pouch too.

Danbo also has an incredible 3.4A output, meaning it will charge your device very quickly, personally it charged my device quicker than if I had it plugged into the mains. So even if you don’t travel, but are looking for an excuse to pick up this beautiful piece of technology, then know that its speed is great.
If you’re a fan of anime, manga or Japan in general, then the Danbo Power Bank is for you!
You can grab yours from our friends at MobileFun now.

Thanks to MobileFun for sending us a unit to take a look at.