SacAnime Summer 2016 Final Day

Just when I acclimated myself to SacAnime, unfortunately we have already reached the final day of the convention. Despite that, activity was as bustling as it was the previous day with crowded hallways and a myriad of attendees cosplaying. Rather than an atmosphere of an anime convention about to conclude, it felt just like another active day. Panels were at full swing as well as a busy exhibitors hall.

Ironically, I attended another panel with J. Michael Tatum as a guest. This time, it was his own exclusive panel instead of a Black Butler one. At the panel, he did not look one bit tired, but in fact quite enthusiastic. He answered his fans’ questions with passion and is not afraid to go off tangent to discuss other related topics. The Sebastian and Ciel shipping was discussed once again with Tatum reiterating he does not consider himself a fan, but is very respectable towards others’ tastes.

While short, I was able to talk with voice actors Courtnee Draper who voiced Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and Steve Blum who voiced Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Both were very outgoing and were not reluctant to take selfies with fans when asked. Despite their tight schedules at the convention, Draper having to attend a panel as a guest of honor and Blum having to catch a plane flight, they did not rush, but rather did things efficiently to accommodate their times for their fans. Along with that, I was able to interview Tatum. Like how he was enthusiastic during the panels, he was also enthusiastic during the private interview.


After making one final stop at the exhibitors hall, I left SacAnime quite satisfied. It was my first time at the convention, and I enjoyed nearly everything about it. Though admittedly it was quite small, especially compared to Anime Expo, I have no doubt SacAnime will continue to grow. Surprisingly, the convention occurs twice a year, so that definitely means more exposure. Hopefully SacAnime continues to grow, and in the meantime, I look forward to my next visit.

SacAnime Summer 2016 has come and gone but here is a selection of photos taken during the event. If we have taken a photo of you, please let us know and we’d be happy to credit you.