Out This Week – 28th November 2016

November comes to a close this week and then we are firmly in Christmas territory in the month of December. There’s some really great anime, manga and games coming out over the next month and this week really steps up to the plate.

We begin the week with Manga Entertainment who bring us a much needed Akira Collector’s Edition which is available as one triple play release which includes both Blu-ray and DVD and Digital HD for you to download and watch on mobile devices. You can read our review of this definitive edition of Akira here! Also from Manga Entertainment is One Piece Collection 14 that comes to DVD only. We hope to get a review up for this release soon but we have yet to receive a copy to watch.

All the Anime bring us another two Collector’s Edition this week with Fullmetal Alchemist Part 1 Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray. We stated last week that while retailers list the release date as 21st November we were informed by All the Anime that it will be released on the 28th. It also appears that a number of retailers did not have stock available to make last week’s release and this could be the reason for the information we were given. We have a review for Fullmetal Alchemist Part 1 Collector’s Edition which you can read here! All the Anime’s second title is The Tatami Galaxy Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray, we have a review incoming within the next couple of days for this title.

Lastly, for anime releases this week we have MVM Entertainment with their release of Nobunaga the Fool Part 2 available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

If you’ve already taken a glance at the manga releases for this week then you notice it may be a little on the short side. The ones listed are due in the month of November and the rest (if any) will be added once the manga schedule for December has been completed so bear with us in the meantime.

Another big week for games with the release of Final Fantasy XV on Tuesday from Square Enix and then on Friday we see the release of two 3DS titles in Sega’s 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

Anime Releases
Akira Collector’s Edition [Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD)] (Manga Entertainment)
Fullmetal Alchemist – Collector’s Edition Part 1 [Blu-ray] (All the Anime)
Nobunaga the Fool Part 2 [Blu-ray / DVD] (MVM Entertainment)
One Piece Uncut: Collection 14 [DVD] (Manga Entertainment)
The Tatami Galaxy – Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray] (All the Anime)

Manga Releases
Prison School [Vol. 5] (Yen Press)
Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami [Vol. 1] (Dark Horse Manga)
Sweetness and Lightning [Vol. 3] (Kodansha Comics)
Sword Art Online: Girls’ Ops [Vol. 3] (Yen Press)
Welcome to the Ballroom [Vol. 2] (Kodansha Comics)
What Did You Eat Yesterday? [Vol. 11] (Vertical Inc)
Oh My Goddess! Omnibus [Vol. 5] (Dark Horse Manga)

Game Releases
7th Dragon III Code: VFD [Nintento 3DS] (Deep Silver)
Final Fantasy XV [PlayStation 4 / Xbox One] (Square Enix)
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse [Nintendo 3DS] (Deep Silver)

For full details on what anime and manga are coming out, this month check out our anime and manga schedules. New schedules are published at the beginning of each month and are updated as much as possible throughout the month. Let us know what you’re picking up on Twitter and Facebook.