Out This Week – 17th July 2017

A somewhat slower paced week this week and to be honest we are rather grateful. With all the new anime series to catch up with as part of the Summer 2017 anime season, we need as few distractions as possible. That being said there’s definitely a couple of titles coming to retail this week that are bound to turn heads.

Just the two anime releases this week and they come in the form of God Eater Part 1 which comes to Blu-ray and DVD from MVM Entertainment, you can read our review for God Eater Part 1 here. Our second and final anime title is the hugely popular One Punch Man which arrives as a complete collection in both Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and Standard Edition DVD form from Manga Entertainment. Expect a review for One Punch Man Collection 1 to go live on the site later in the week.

As we mentioned last week please treat the manga listings below as more of a guide while we work out how we’ll be putting together the schedule for next month. This is to ensure a more accurate list of titles and dates as Amazon UK have become somewhat unreliable on that front.

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star returns this week and on the Nintendo Switch from Marvelous Games. We have been really enjoying our time with it so far, expect a review to go live later this week. Also, coming to the Nintendo Switch this week in the eagerly awaited Splatoon 2!

Anime Releases
God Eater Part 1 [Blu-ray / DVD] [MVM Entertainment]
One Punch Man Collection 1 [Collector’s Edition Blu-ray / Standard DVD] [Manga Entertainment]

Manga Releases
Happiness [Vol. 5] [Kodansha Comics]
In/Spectre [Vol. 5] [Kodansha Comics]
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Sweetness and Lightning [Vol. 7] [Kodansha Comics]
Waiting for Spring [Vol. 1] [Kodansha Comics]
Ahogaru: Clueless Girl [Vol. 1] [Kodansha Comics]
Mobile Suit Gundam WING: Endless Waltz: Glory of the Losers [Vol. 1] [Vertical Inc]
Nichijou [Vol. 9] [Vertical Inc]

Game Releases
Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star [Nintendo Switch] [Marvelous]
Splatoon 2 [Nintendo Switch] [Nintendo]

For full details on what anime and manga are coming out, this month check out our anime and manga schedules. New schedules are published at the beginning of each month and are updated as much as possible throughout the month. Let us know what you’re picking up on Twitter and Facebook.